Le Site de la Société Française de Dermatologie dedié aux professionnels.

Le Site de la Société Française de Dermatologie dedié aux particuliers.

Le site de la Société Française de Dermatologie Pédiatrique.
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Société Européene de Dermatologie Pédiatrique
(site en langue Anglaise)

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Site de la Société de l’Education Thérapeutique Européenne

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Le site de l’association pour le lutte contre la psoriasis
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Le Site de la Fondation de la Dermatite Atopique

Public  : Grand Public et Professionnels
Public  : professionnels

Public  : Grand Public et Professionnels
Informations on workshops in Brazil, downloadable PDF documents on dealing with eczema, an artistic approach to patient education.
Public: patients and doctors
Mission: Brazilian association, the website is aimed at seeing the illness as an opportunity for growth and self knowledge.
One of the most comprehensive sites, providing information and several interesting links. Also provides educational tools and research.
Public: patients
Mission: The American National Eczema Association improves the health and quality of live for individuals with eczema through research, support and education.
Patients network, sharing advice and information through articles, FAQs and a forum. Possibility to contact an expert with a specific question. The association is also a lobbying group for eczema sufferers.
Public: patients
Mission: A Spanish association of patients and families with Atopic Dermatitis. Their mission is to help all those that live with DA who may not have answers to their many questions.
Published journal called Exchange with info, articles research updates, reports, etc. Order free fact sheets. Consumer information. Event calendar for both patients and health care professionals. Acts as lobbying group for patient interests
Public: patients and health care professionals
Mission: British National Eczema Society provides an information and advice service, a network of local contacts and local support, funds for research and acts as lobbying group.
General information about eczema and advice about how to manage eczema. Listing of local events.
Public: patients
Mission: Site of Eczema Association of Australasia. Mission to improve life for eczema
Practical tips on dealing with itch. New research on the subject. Personal testimonials.
Public: patients
Mission: A site développer and maintened bu the International Forum for the study of Itch. Their goal is to provide information and advice for individuals suffering from chronic itch, and a forum for these individuals.
Excellent ressource for adults wishing to explain eczema to kids and help them live with their disease.
Public: patients
Mission: A website dedicated to the clinical assessment atopic dermatitis
Numerous illustrations. On-line tracking on SCORAD
Public: patients
Mission: A website dedicated to the clinical assessment atopic dermatitis
Detailed information for families and health carers on skin disease including definitions, video tutorials, site of the eczema center at Rady’s children’s hospital San Diego. Rigorous and informative site.
Public: patient and health care professionals
Mission: The eczema center is dedicated to clinical care, family education, and research on atopic dermatitis and other inflammatory skin diseases
Details information on the eczema care center and how to be involved in their education sessions. Information on eczema, prevention, and support groups. Interactive and well thought out site.
Public: patients, health care professionals
Mission: The website of the Eczema Care and education center of Northwestern University, USA. A resource for patients and families with atopic dermatitis (eczema). The center provides educational resources, a patient support group and opportunities to participate in cutting edge research.
Information for people suffering from allergies, asthma or AD. Information brochures, training courses, information campaigns, business training courses. A comprehensive site but unfortunately without an English version.

Public: patients, health care professionals, and firms
Missions: Website of the Swiss centre for allergy, skin disease, and atshma
Information on eczema, food allergy, asthma, etc. Pratical advice concerning treatment and educative graphic stories for children and parents.
Public: patients, health and care professionals.
Mission: Atopic schools, the website provides a platform for both professionals and patients to learn more about education for atopic conditions.